Website/ Visual Identity

An industry pioneer in white label online presence solutions with a solid international client base with a wide range of code-less solutions. Wix acquired WebsPlanet in April 2020 to expand its SMB offering.

The BuzzHunter team worked with Websplanet on a broad spectrum of services. They refreshed our brand identity, designed a fantastic website with a unique visual language that remained fresh for a long time, created the UI and UX for our leading product platform, and even built web templates for our clients. They are a team that goes out of their way to help their clients succeed.

- Guy Karolizki, CEO at Websplanet


Visual Identity/ Website/ Investor Deck/ Video/ Print

Fostering a Safe and Secure Drone-Empowered Future. Sentrycs fosters synergies among the drone ecosystem players to lead the way toward a safer and more secure drone-assisted economy.